My Muse, Nadja

In at not all strange turn of events, it seems some literature I have in my personal effects points in the general direction of synchronicity, and no, I don’t mean Breton (but I do and yet I don’t).

The Dick List isn’t mine… it’s from The Use of My Dick, a number of postmodern artzines created by my long-lost friend, Forestter back in 1993 and 1994. I wish I could share it all, scan it all…something. It seems it is its own puzzle. Last November I pulled out some of his materials, inspired in a curiously quiet and subtle manner and then it seems I hit some kind of wormhole that ejected me past summer altogether.

Cyrano composes a ballade

“The Vicompte de Valvert has spoken contemptuously of Cyrano’s gargantuan probiscis, and Cyrano has made a long speech about the quality of his nose. But this caused Valvert to him a buffon. So Cyrano refers to his puissant sword. Velvert has promptly drawn his own. Cyrano has then announced that he will fight Valvert and compose a ballade while doing so. Thereupon he searches openly for is rhyme scheme and then, while the duel goes on which (of course!) ends in victory for Cyrano, he declaims this ballade in French verse form: three verses of eight line, and then an envoi of four lines, each ending in the same refrain.”