The Sacred and The Profane

This is the one year anniversary of the “Rocks up for Big Brother” post — one of the more “sacred” aspects of my journey. I carried this list of pictorial keys with me — my own personal Rosetta Stone enabling me to navigate through the wilderness of thought and experience. I was convinced at the time I published the post that the world would end as I released this sacred information to the public. I did not quite understand at the time that this was a personal experience, not a social experiment.

Forgiving and making the most of it

Life is short. I know as I sit here — smoking, drinking coffee — maybe¬† mine will be a little shorter. Maybe I can make more of it.

I forgive too easily, but then again maybe I don’t. Having an appreciation for how fragile we are, how fragile others can be, how fragile life is, is hard to conquer. I need to get back to that place.