Forced Ejection

Forced ejection


She’s lifted and its a beautiful thing. She’s riding high, flying, smoking, leaded.

She’s low riding, scraping the underside, tearing the warez.


It’s been decades since I’ve seen a sparkly Superfly ride as pristine and as tasty as this…old-school Superfly Cadillacs simply oozed sex, mystery, danger, adventure, gravas.

I want a job

I am so tired of the hardship and instability of my life these past few years. A combination of irresponsibility, over-optimism, a bad economy, poor choices, and inconsistent employment has led me to ruin. When things start to get better, something happens and I am at a loss to explain what that is aside from bad luck. I keep stepping in the muck of bad luck, and I am tired of it.