Giving Thanks, 2020

Man, what a dark year.

I started off 2020 with a broken humerus and that sucked, let me tell you. It was so debilitating and painful. I think I was starting to get hooked on opioids I was on them so long. I tried natural healing for five months. At month three the surgeon and I knew I needed surgery and then COVID-19 restrictions hit and the hospital shut down and my appointment for x-ray was cancelled. I had to go another month before surgery and once I had surgery at five months, I started to do better almost immediately. February was the worst, though. It was so cold and dark outside and I just went to a dark place. 

I also bought a townhouse.

After a lot of deliberation about buying, Mom and I moved in to the new home a week before Thanksgiving, so we’ve been here a year now. Just last month I rearranged the office, finally. I hadn’t settled in yet with the arm and all. Today I was able to put up a Christmas tree (last year we didn’t have one).

I lost two pets and gained one.

Both Fish, the little stray cat I found near death, and Sugar, my long-time dog friend, died this year. I hate to see pets leave. I’ve seen–seven–pets die in the past ten years. I don’t want anymore pets. This is it. I love animals so much and it hurts to see them go. People stay in your life a lot longer, but grief is just as bad for people as for pets.

I really miss my brother.

Moving to Iowa has been hard, mostly because I miss my brother Matt so much. I didn’t realize how much until I went back this summer to visit. We had a great time and spent a lot of hours just talking. We also got to go up in the mountains and fish. I don’t fish myself, but watching Matt reel in little and big guys is always fun. I grew up in the mountains, so having this time together was great. Brings back good memories. I also got to see this really neat rock formation that has tons of meaning for me, down along the Poudre River. I wasn’t expecting that, so it made it magical to see it when I was with Matt so I could show him.

Friends and family alike really saved me this year. I’ve been feeling so lost and isolated, being able to connect and reconnect has been so good for my spirit and my soul.

This year I am thankful for so much. It has been a rough year and I expect next year to be even better.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Let me know your thoughts!

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