The Road Trip

In May of 2008 I had a sudden, acute psychotic break. Very few people know their own risk of psychosis, and that it can happen at any age, regardless of prior history. Given my circumstances (age, gender, no prior family history, no notable prior mental illness, etc.) this constitutes something like a .04% statistical probability (4 in 10,000).

At the peak of my career and the onset of the worst economic crisis in nearly a century, I quit my job believing my co-workers were set to distribute videotape of me being sexually assaulted. Driven by delusions and hallucinations, I bolted from my comfortable surroundings in fear and hit the road in an attempt to reach my dad’s home in Ohio. I drove 17,000 miles before I found my way back home to Colorado. I was reported missing by my family.

Map Points Derived From Receipts

With no intervention from family or friends regarding my strange behavior and completely debilitated by my own condition, I spent the next year suffering in ways I never knew imaginable before I was able to seek help and begin the long road to recovery.

This blog encapsulates my journey from May of that fateful year to present day. Many of the early posts are pictures for I lost my ability to write and could only communicate in an abstract visual sense what was going on internally.

Let me know your thoughts!

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