Preparing for the New Year

I’ve got an early start on the New Year and I have high hopes for some serious progress. Here’s this list (thus far) of a few things I hope to accomplish throughout the 2013. I take it for granted I want to stay sane, stay on meds, do all those healthy things that are already a given. I’ve taken a different approach with this list than just “goals” and made it more about personal fulfillment and self actualization of the mind, body, spirit and heart.

  1. Take a Figure Drawing Class — As my first step toward becoming an actualized visual artist, I’m going to take a drawing class to gain some serious skills that I’ve never acquired.
  2. Hike a 14er — Living in Colorado has its advantages, and one of them is the great outdoors. I’ll be accepting the challenge to finally hike a 14,000 foot mountain, but I reserve the right to not “scramble” or take the “technical” routes to the top.
  3. Get a puppy — I miss the companionship of Zoey so much. This year will mark five years, and I hope it is finally time to get a new dog to warm the home and my heart.
  4. Take a REAL vacation — You heard it here, first, folks. I plan on taking a real vacation, not a stay-cation. Those three weeks away from work this year spent in psychosis don’t count either. I want to travel with a planned destination and a budget and a timeline.
  5. Get published — This may be my most important personal aspiration for the year. I’ve got a couple of articles started and one fully edited, ready for submission. This will be my year to break into print.
  6. Find a new swank hangout — With all the local bars closing in Denver, especially those with Historical importance, I’ve got to find a new place to swill some rum and cokes. Too many jock/sports bars are opening along with chain bars. It’s time for something new.
  7. Create a wilderness art installation — Perhaps my most grand aspiration, to install something in the wilderness for people to find randomly. Certainly I’ll document it all, as it will take some time.

As it goes without saying, I am really excited to put wheels on this and set it into motion. Keep posted for exciting updates.

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