Mail-order Sanity

My meds finally arrived from India. They are in such tiny packages I hardly recognize them as medicine. You would think in America that people pull their sample medications from their purse and dance through the streets advertising them–the boxes and labels are so large and you only have five pills per box. India, on the other hand, packs 50 in a box not much larger than a box of matches. The price, too. What a difference. My medications from India cost $87 for 100 pills, whereas here in America I would pay $900 for 30 pills (that’s $3000 for 100 pills). I wouldn’t believe this myself if I hadn’t priced it out personally at my own pharmacy. The difference here is that they are allowed to sell the generic overseas while in the US patent rights are still in force and only the brand name is sold, which my insurance doesn’t cover.

With meds comes the lingering question: do I really want or need to take these? I don’t like medications very much, though I do appreciate their worthiness in some cases. For me, I am starting to consider the long-term ramifications of pharmaceuticals on my greater health, particularly in the case of metabolic disorder. I’ve gained 45 pounds since taking anti-psychotics. While that doesn’t sound like much, it places me firmly in the “overweight” BMI category and places me at risk for a whole host of diseases, like diabetes. Conventional wisdom would say, monitor your diet, exercise, but so many have come to realize with these medications it is the medications themselves causing the weight gain and retention and diet and exercise has little or no effect in mitigating the risk factors.

On the holistic side, I have found that Omega 3 greatly decreases my auditory hallucinations, but does not (at least not yet) eliminate them completely. This simple and effective treatment is natural and more affordable than anti-psychotics. Is it effective as APs in reducing the chances of future psychotic breaks? I’m not certain. Studies indicate it is, without the worries of irreversible side effects.

So, the question is, how do I best manage my symptoms and my overall health?

4 thoughts on “Mail-order Sanity

  1. I have noticed less ‘voices’ since I began dieting, and one thing I’m getting now that I used not to get is lots of Omega 3s… hmm…

    So have you been sticking with the med regimen?


    1. I have been sticking with the meds and the Omega 3 as well as other vitamins. As much as I dislike the side effects I do get, as well as fear those I may get, without the meds I wouldn’t be very functional and on them I live a more creative and less stressful life.


  2. I need meds too, and mine are crazy expensive. I think it’s horrendous that meds that help a condition like sz where people may not be able to work and support themselves (and have health insurance) are priced so ridiculously high.


    1. You know it can’t cost that much to produce these medications. It’s all about profit for the manufacturers, unfortunately.


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