The Weight of Sleep

My eyes are heavy and filled with clouds – filled with tears – not tears of sorrow or tears of joy, but tears none the less. This song is floating in my mind as I lay my head heavy to rest – filled with all its contents – content in feeling peace overcome me at last.

For some odd reason, as I sleep, the song continues in my mind. I dream of fools and of the gold for which they long, hoping it is me who holds the magic key to open a treasure chest filled with joys and wonders. The fools plan only to keep it all for themselves; their grand and secret scheme is to live a life of adventure and joy and leave me to suffer and to die alone.

After dreams of people long known to me, some who have forsaken me and others whom I have left behind, I yearn to escape. Some faces speak of the perceived contempt I feel they have always held deep – hidden out of sight from me. Others speak to me of longing for my warmth and light, my laughter and my smile.

Let me know your thoughts!

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