Health Insurance

After being turned down by at least two carriers, I finally have coverage through my employer. They will pay half of my premium, leaving about $200 to come out of my pocket. I haven’t yet investigated how much the medications will cost and with my new health insurance I may have to wait up to six months before they will cover the expenses.

On that note, the medication change is going smooth. I’m not experiencing any side effects from the new medication and the side effects I was having on the former medication are subsiding. The finer things, such as hand writing and stress tolerance, are improving. My health overall is going back to what I consider normal, though I have gained considerable weight.

2 thoughts on “Health Insurance

  1. I have a major problem with hand writing. Also, I believe olanzapine is causing nystagmus. When at its worse, I cannot focus on reading and my comprehension goes down. As you can imagine, that is quite destructive to someone that is dependent on reading for success.


    1. This illness hit me hard cognitively. I can relate to losing one’s ability to read or write well and how that interferes with work or even daily tasks. Numbers are the worst for me now and that effects my ability to plan and budget my money well, creating more stress in turn.


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