Writers Block

I am suffering from a terrible writer’s block that seems to have started a month ago, perhaps even longer. Some how I need to keep the voice of the inner critic muffled.

I am in the process of working through The Artists Way, and I suspect I’ll be trying to write more as I go through each week. One of my goals is to make more of this blog — to fill in some gaps. Thus far it has been a progressive time line and though the posts have stopped, the story has not. Focus and inspiration, these are my mates.

One thought on “Writers Block

  1. Man, we have a lot in common in truth. I have moments that I have called “writer’s block” as well. Although a possible normal situation, I believe my experiences are exaggerated as a schizophrenic/schizoaffective person. In other words, avolition appears to be the tool that schizophrenia uses to dig a rut, while my concrete thinking causes exacerbates the rut.


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