Starting a new job

After leaving my last  job with a split-second decision and a humiliating, emotionally devastating departure I’ve found full-time work again that I can expect to last at least a few months on contract. It’s not the same direct, salaried position I had before but it is with a company I have always wanted to work for and I am very excited about the position.

I had seriouslly struggled to get back to a place that I found equal to or even more advanced than I had been when disaster struck. It took many years and a great deal of losses to come to a place where I finally realized I needed to extend my circle and seek support and help outside of my buffered community.

UPDATE: The job with CISCO fell through, probably as a result of the horrible samples of work I submitted. They were in-progress samples, more notes to myself than anything finished. I had deleted all of my prior work as a technical writer and I did a good job of it. It’s taken me several months to go through old CDs trying to find new samples of work.

Let me know your thoughts!

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