As I was driving to an interview yesterday, I saw Zoey. I am certain it was her. I was too stunned by disbelief to stop. She looked good, healthy and cared for. When I lost it and lost her I kept thinking this is the Reality Show as a maroon car followed me.

Is it possible I will find her? She had her tags and was registered. I can only hope that somewhow I will be reunited with Zoey.

2 thoughts on “Zoey

  1. I know what it is like to miss another so severely. Because of my illnesses, I asked my ex-wife for a divorce even though she did not want one. Yes, my illnesses and a few real World experiences, I blew the whistle on a corporation and was retaliated against, ruined my life and relationships.


    1. Grief, sorrow, regret, these are the threads that weave through our lives. Loss plays huge in the lives of most people with mental illness, from lost family structures, to lost opportunities, even loss of income and our ability to self support. 😦


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