Where is the end?

You can be strong again
You will find hope again
You will feel joy again
You can you put this all behind you
You can trust other people
You can love yourself
You can recover

After struggling for so many years I wanted stabilize, move forward and contribute…share my story of recovery. Today I feel my story can provide no such inspiration. I continue to search for these things myself, though I thought I had found them. I thought I was over the hump, past the worst of it and I find it is all a slippery slope and I can’t maintain traction.

My trauma coach said I needed to go back to where I worked previously and face my shame. I’m not clear at all as to how this relates to my trauma.

I was recovering in so many ways. I had so many things planned, interests to explore like drawing or painting, skills to develop like upholstery and woodworking, projects I had considered for years but had never taken action on like a Post Secret website where I could post other’s artwork as means of expression for those who had been assualted. The websites with flowers and soft colors didn’t speak to me when I was feeling the outrage.

Let me know your thoughts!

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