A rock slide


Petrified wood turns to rock and slides home, following the flow.

I keep thinking about money, my job, how I shared everything personal online and with strangers. I felt so open and it seemed to be working. I struggled so hard to get back on my feet again. What comes so easily to some people was a monumental task for me. I would spend hours planning my finances and often I would cry, I would break down trying to sort through it all, trying to understand myself and my personal circumstances.

I need to get back to the place so I can pick up where I left off. I should have never taken that last job. I should have been content. I wanted health insurance (which I have now, thanks to CICP), I wanted a savings account, I wanted stability… small things that come easily to some people, so easily they never have to think twice about it.


I want to flow to this place.

Let me know your thoughts!

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