Boredom and CRASH talk

I’m distracted ny my own moods. One minute I’m wondering if cursors blink in morse code, I wondering how that could happen – would old guys with nothing better to do teach some young buck how it all works and then somehow it gets translated into something visual? I fell like a fool for staring at it. Why, hello there. The Ibeam of my mouse is far less interesting. My neighbors curtains are not interesting.

I miss being interested in finding obscure literature, fanzines and self-published booklets that are no longer popular, like Vex. Not that I have tried to find anything of the sort. I’m thinking I need a typewriter, and then I think about the noise of it all. Could I even tolerate such an archaic device. Maybe the fancy 21st century models are quieter, but who has $400 to find out?

Let me know your thoughts!

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